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Wedding Photography Business Marketing Course


It is finally here! I worked on this project for MONTHS to give you years of wedding photography business marketing information that will work for your business. I am so excited to finally bring you this labor of love. I guarantee you that you will learn something you didn't know, it will impact your wedding business and you will be inspired to grow your business more than you ever thought you could! This is everything I know about the wedding photography business and how I grew my business to be a six figure income for my family. - Brooke (BP4U Photographer Resources)

Having trouble finding brides who are within your price range? Need help attracting higher paying clients? Not sure how to network with vendors? Want to grow your business to make the most profit possible?

This 226-page e-course covers all this and more!

This e-course is a collaboration between Elizabeth van der Bij of ENV Photography and Brooke Parra of BP4U Photographer Resources. These two know the all of the ins and outs of the wedding photography business. Both are seasoned pros with almost a decade experience each. They've seen it all and want to share with you what they've learned and how they grew their businesses.

This class is jam-packed with information every wedding photographer needs to know to run a successful business. It covers Building a Website to Attract Your Ideal Client, Blogging for Your Business, The Keys to Making the Most Profit from Your Business, Marketing, Networking, Social Media, Client Communication, Timeline Planning and SO much more! See the pink "What's Included" tab below for more details on what this course covers. 



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