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Presets Made Easy! Collection

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You asked for them and here they are! After we released our "Actions Made Easy!" Photoshop action set, we received numerous requests for a matching Lightroom collection. We got right to work on it and now it's here!

Because we love you - we are bundling 5 of our most popular presets bundles into one giant preset collection! That's a total of 67 presetsWoah! But that's not all - We've also added a BONUS Lightroom brush set! (see below for more details).


This product is compatible with Lightroom 3, Lightroom 4, Lightroom 5, and Lightroom 6 and up. It will NOT work with Photoshop CC, CS, Elements, GIMP, or any other editing program.

Please note: This set ONLY includes Basic, Black and White, Matte, Vibrant, and Silhouette Presets. It also includes a pack of bonus brushes. It does not include any other sets. 

Thanks to Sean Molin and Sarah-Beth Photography for testing out these presets and letting us use their images as a sample for our product. :)


BASIC PRESETS MADE EASY! - This set includes presets for basic retouching: exposure, contrast, white balance, etc. Includes 6 presets.

BLACK AND WHITE PRESETS MADE EASY! - Our black and white set comes with a variety of presets to give you the perfect tone that you have been searching for. It also includes presets with haze to give your images a more vintage feel too. Includes 14 presets.

MATTE PRESETS MADE EASY! - Do you want to give your photos that soft, dreamy look? Look no further, this preset bunch will allow you to achieve just that! With one click, matte your photos to give them more emotion. Includes 21 presets.

VIBRANT PRESETS MADE EASY! - Are your photos always turning out bland? Want to pop those weak colors? This is the set for you! These presets will make colors explode and bump the contrast to really give your images that "WOW" factor. Includes 10 presets. 

BRUSH PRESETS MADE EASY! - This set includes brushes for newborn skin, skin smoothing, eye sharpening, etc. Includes 16 brushes.

SILHOUETTE PRESETS MADE EASY - This set includes presets to add contrast and color to photos that are already silhouettes and silhouette presets to make a non-silhouette photo into a silhouette. Includes 16 presets. 

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews Write a review
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