Posing Workflow For Senior Boys – Photographer Candy

Posing Workflow For Senior Boys


(Kimberly Reid Senior Boys Guide)

Let's face it, posing seniors can be hard. Let Kimberly Reid walk you through her senior sessions and how she gets these amazing photos!

*Click thumbnails to view additional poses, not all poses shown.*

Photography level: Intermediate

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What's Included:

A 41-page guide on posing senior boys. This product also includes 40 posing cards so you can take these tips on the go!

Topics covered:

  • How to stand
  • How to sit
  • Hand placement
  • Body Placement
  • How to find the best locations & use them efficiently
  • How to make them look hot
  • Camera/Lighting/Editing Techniques
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Amex