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How to Get High School Senior Clients [Marketing Tell-All]

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Are you having trouble finding senior clients? Do you feel like you're running out of fresh ideas to expand your business? Do you need help planning a new marketing strategy? 

Good news! We're here to help! This eBook helps you to think outside the box when it comes to finding and marketing to high school seniors. It also gives you ideas for creating a successful senior rep program.

If you're wondering - where do I even begin? Where should I advertise? Who should I reach out to? Where is the best place to find seniors? This book covers all that -- and more!

This eBook was written to open your mind and inspire you to get out there and grow your client base. The tips shared in this guide can help you to stand out among your competitors and book more seniors with your company.

*BONUS! We've included sample emails, social media statuses and questionnaires for you to just copy and paste to your clients to make your life easier. Also includes Excel form for easy client organization. (This is a MUST HAVE!) 

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