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BLACK FRIDAY SPECIAL: Posing Workflow for Family Portraits

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(Previously Titled: The Pro's Guide To Posing Families)

Photographing families is one of the most rewarding experiences a photographer can have. You get to experience the unconditional love between parent and child and siblings as well as the romantic love between parents.

That said, capturing beautiful, engaging and wall-worthy photos is easier said than done. Especially when you've got 3, 4, 5 or even 10 or more faces and bodies to think about for a single shot! It can totally be done, though. All it takes is practice and, of course, some knowledge and know-how.

The Pro's Guide To Posing Families, a collaboration between BP4U and accomplished family photographer Nicole Speer Photography, walks you through dozens of posing ideas, complete with over 125 detailed pictures. Not only that, Speer gives you tips and tricks to get stunning lifestyle candids that'll have family after family calling you up to book their next session!

Four Reasons You NEED The Pro's Guide To Posing Families

1. It showcases over 125 different family photographs taken by Speer that are carefully detailed with posing instructions, composition tips, and more.

2. Speer is relatable and talented, making this guide a breezy, educational read that'll leave you feeling excited, inspired and ready to book more sessions.

3. You'll get insider, veteran tips and tricks to help families relax and feel at ease during their session. Feeling awkward is to be expected, but when you know how to calm everyone‰۪s nerves effectively, your photos will be amazing.

4. You'll get a breakdown on other topics such as choosing the perfect locations, pre-session and in-session workflow, lighting and more!

What's Included

A 152 page ebook on posing families. This guide also comes with 64 posing cards to take these tips and poses with you on the go!

  • Posing for Different Sized Families | Nicole goes over her workflow and gives posing tips for families of different sizes with children of various ages.
  • How to Connect with Your Client | Learn how Nicole helps clients to relax. She also shares some of her favorite ice-breaker jokes!
  • Lighting | In this section, Speer talks about finding good lighting for natural light photographers.
  • Composition | There is also a chapter on composition which goes over leading lines, framing your photo, finding balance, perspective, and creating depth.
  • Tips to Get Children to Cooperate | Need help working with children? Nicole gives tips throughout this guide to help you when posing younger children. She talks about how to get children to do what you want them to and also how to get great photos even when they aren’t cooperating.
  • How to Take Faux Candid Shots | Learn the art of taking non-candid shots and making them look candid.


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