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Fall Portrait Preset Pack (Lightroom)



Are you a Lightroom user who has been drooling over the BP4U Fall Portrait Action Pack? The wait is finally over, my friend! It's here for you today for immediate download!

There are 27 presets you can use to edit your photos from S.O.O.C. to W.O.A.H.!! Your clients will love all the amazing fall colors that will pop once you apply these amazing BP4U presets to your photos.

This product is compatible with Lightroom 3, Lightroom 4, and Lightroom 5, and Lightroom 6 and up. It will NOT work with Photoshop CC, CS, Elements, GIMP, or any other editing program.



What's Included:

  • A bright bold- A bold action that gives your photo a bright, contrasted effect!
  • A small matte- A simple, small matte
  • A vignette- Just what the name implies…it’s a vignette! Every good set of presets has a nice vignette after all!
  • Amaze-Haze- A warm hazy preset!
  • Autumn Tone- A simple tone that is perfect for this lovely autumn weather!
  • Bonfire- A warm, matte, bold action perfect for a moody effect!
  • Bright boost- Is your photo underexposed? That is just what this preset will help correct!
  • Cider- A delicious preset perfect for almost every photo!
  • Cooler days- It’s a cool tone preset. It’s a little hazy, not so contrasty….perfect to tell a story about how fall has cooler weather days!
  • Corn Maze- This will bring out the greens in your photo and help make them pop!
  • Fall Breeze- This is a subtle preset with a strong vignette!
  • Fall Essence- This preset may be all you need! It has a just right effect to make your photos pop!
  • Foggy Morning- A hazy preset with a little color boost!
  • Happy- A very bold preset! It will bring dull photos to life and perfect for anything backlit!
  • Harvest- This tone and just the right amount of contrast will add visual interest to your photos everyone will love!
  • Heavy Matte- A strong matte which can be used to boost any presets that already have a matte in them, making that matte stronger!
  • Just right- The perfect one click done preset! Another great preset to use alone for a quick edit with amazing results!
  • Latte- It’s warm and matted. Need I say more? Anything warm and matted is always amazing!
  • Magic Matte- This matte has done it! It’s vibrant AND a matte!
  • Medium Matte- A medium matte preset to use with presets that don’t have a matte already in them.
  • Poppin- It is what it says it is. Its poppin!
  • Pumpkin Patch- Perfect for your outdoor shots! Even more amazing on your fall photos!
  • Scarecrow- It’s not scary at all! It’s a beautiful tone!
  • Spice- Oh yes it will add a lot of spice to your photos! Nice warm spice!
  • Super contrast- Need more contrast in your photo? Here it is!
  • Vivid- This will take the colors in your photo to the next level with a super boost effect!
  • Warm Melody- A warm tone perfect for most outdoor shots!


Why stop with Autumn when Winter is right around the corner (and then Spring!)?

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