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Boudoir Posing for the Modern Photographer

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Photogs, we are so excited about this new, tell-all boudoir photography guide, a collaboration between BP4U and Emily Caldwell Photography. Incredibly thorough and highly informative, you'll find this guide is immensely helpful to both new-to-boudoir photographers and seasoned vets.

As you're probably aware, there's a definite niche in boudoir photography, and it's one that can be quite lucrative if you know what you're doing. With that said, it can be a difficult niche to break into if you're without skill or knowledge, and honing the craft takes some serious work. This guide is an excellent place to start, or to gain inspiration and further knowledge from a highly talented photographer.

After reading this guide, you'll feel more assured in your client/photog relationship building skills (so important in boudoir), your posing abilities, marketing endeavors, editing techniques and even lighting and room setups. The best part is that the guide is fascinating from beginning to end - no boring stuff here. We think you'll especially like the detailed before and after images, which are majorly inspiring.

*Click thumbnails to view additional poses, not all poses shown.*

**Please note, all BP4U guides are ebooks and will be delivered electronically! This is a large file and may take a few minutes to download.**

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What's included:

A 260-page guide for posing boudoir sessions. This product also includes 45 - 4x6 digital files (printer friendly) of the pose with a brief how to description. For our green clients - we have low resolution versions of the posing cards so you can easily upload to your cell phone.

Topics Covered:

  • Finding clients
  • Building a boudoir photography brand
  • Choosing and securing locations
  • Client privacy and contracts
  • Outfit tips and tricks
  • Detailed posing instructions
  • Posing workflow
  • Working with other businesses and hair/makeup artists
  • Editing
  • FAQs, and more!

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