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The Ultimate Mini Session Guide

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We're delighted to introduce our Ultimate Mini Session Guide to the BP4U store. While this grand guide covers mini sessions, it's anything but mini. With expert guidance from BP4U's own Brooke Bustillos, a successful photographer and entrepreneur, and Nicole Speer, a noted family photographer with an incredible eye for style, this mini session guide is a one-stop-shop sort of manual that will rouse your creative bug and truly motivate you.

Three Reasons You Need This Guide:

- Mini Sessions are an excellent way to bring in more business and make more money. This guides shows you how to expertly host a mini session that'll have future clients knocking on your door.

- Nicole Speer and Brooke Bustillos are authorities in the photography world and their expertise is unparalleled. They impart their wisdom in a way that inspiring, motiving and, most importantly, extremely helpful. You'll walk away more knowledgeable and ready to take on your next mini session.

- You'll be privy to not just the glamorous aspects of a mini session, but the nitty gritty, less-than-enchanting aspects, too. For example, you'll learn how to deal with uncooperative kiddos, rainy days that force you to reschedule and way more.

What's Included

A 108 page ebook all about mini sessions. This guide also comes with 56 posing cards to take these tips and poses with you on the go!

Our Ultimate Mini Session Guide is comprehensive, ensuring you definitely get your money’s worth. You’ll learn how to price a mini session, how to expand your niche and bolster your client roster and how to set up a “Mini Session Rep” program with the kind of business savvy that’ll have others begging you for your secret.

That’s just the beginning, too. This guide also goes into great detail on selecting and buying props without breaking the bank and teaches you how to artfully style your mini session sets. In addition, Nicole Speer shares dozens of her favorite photos from past mini sessions and gives you the posing how-to. 


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