Vintage Marketing & Office Forms Bundle – Photographer Candy

Vintage Marketing & Office Forms Bundle


Want to know what's great about this set? You can put any type of session in it and it still looks AWESOME! Seriously, TRY IT!

Scroll through the images to the left to see examples.

We are so pumped to announce our new line of marketing templates for photographers. These look AMAZING printed! Don't get your products printed normally? No worries these are great marketing pieces to put on your website, email to clients or post on your social media sites.

Customize the text to say whatever you want. You can also customize colors, branding, etc. For instance use the Price List as a promo for your next senior rep session.

There are endless possibilities!

These make great graphics to really step it up a notch and make your business look profesh!

Many thanks to Chubby Cheek Photography for providing the images within this marketing set!

Includes Customizable Templates For:

Our Vintage Marketing Set:

  • Business Card
  • Disc Label
  • DVD Case Sleeve
  • Envelope
  • Gift Card
  • Letterhead
  • Price List
  • Referral Card
  • Thank You Card
  • Tri-fold Brochure
  • Senior Rep Passalong Card

And Our Vintage Office Forms & Templates Set: 

  • Accessory Checklist
  • Client Information Sheet
  • Client Reminder Card (2 sides)
  • Letterhead for Contracts
  • Message Log
  • Mini Session Schedule
  • Print Orders (2 sides)
  • Prop Checklist
  • Receipt
  • Workflow Grid
  • Edit Workflow Grid
  • Invoice
  • Daily Session Schedule
  • Blog Banner
  • Email Blast with coordinating Facebook Graphic
  • Address Label & Return Address Label
  • Copyright Release Card (2 sided)
  • Coupon
  • Credit Authorization Form
  • Facebook Timeline Cover
  • Fax Cover Page
  • Model Release Card (2 sided)
  • Networking Card (2 sided)
  • Sticker
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Amex