Newborn Blanket Fade Brushes – Photographer Candy

Newborn Blanket Fade Brushes

$29.00 $99.99

Are you a newborn photographer looking for some shortcuts? How about a quick and easy way to create a professional blanket fade effect?

Good news! You are in the right place!

These blanket fade brushes will help you with all of your blanket fade needs! These 4 easy to use brushes will assist you in creating that professional looking blanket fade effect in your Photoshop!


*Please note: Due to Photoshop brush sizing requirements, you may need to adjust the sizing of your image if the brush will not fit across the whole picture at the highest brush size.

For example, if your image is 5,219px wide and the highest brush size is 5,000px, you will need to resize your image to 5,000px wide in order for this brush to work properly.

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