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How To Start Your Photography Business

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‰ϻ(Previously Titled: Photography Business Basics: How To Start Your Photography Business and Go Pro!)‰ϻ

So, you‰۪re ready to take the jump and want to make your dreams a reality by starting your own photography business? This guide is the perfect guide to start with! åÊ

Ever wondered how do I find clients? How come I‰۪m not booking? When should I start charging for my sessions? When do I start giving out photography contracts? Do I really need a website? Where do I get a logo? Where should I advertise to book more sessions? Do I offer discounts or giveaways? How do I make this income supplement my current income? How do I balance photography and my family?

If you have, you are in the right place. Not only do we answer these questions, but we have interviewed 4 top portrait, newborn and wedding photographers about all of this and so much more! Let‰۪s learn together as they walk you through their personal journey and help answer all of these questions along the way.åÊ Enjoy this guide with a cup of your favorite joe as you hear about their successes and lessons learned that they wish they knew sooner.

Photography level: Beginner

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