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Pro Office Bundle

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You have all our forms for your client, now what about your company?
If you have assistants, associates, second shooters, or any office staff, this is the bundle for you!

We have included our application for employment/subcontracting, and a list of interview questions for you to use in their interview. We have also made up a 1099 contract for those subcontractors to sign, that states that they understand they are being reported as 1099 subcontractors, and not employees.

Customize these forms and contracts to fit your company‰۪s needs, add your logo, and you‰۪re good to go!

åÊ åÊ -åÊApplicationåÊ
åÊ åÊ -åÊInterview Questions {Office help}åÊ
åÊ åÊ -åÊInterview Questions {Shooter position}åÊ
åÊ åÊ -åÊInterview Questions {Intern position}
åÊ åÊ -åÊ1099 Form

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PDF/Digital version onlyåÊ
The link will be emailed directly to you once your payment has been processed.

I'm not a lawyer, I'm a photographer, these are the contracts we use, please have your lawyer look them over to make sure they are suited for your company or if any changes need to be made specifically for your state or region. :D

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