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Senior FAQ Worksheet Form

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Do you wonder why someone else is getting hits off their site, and you‰۪re not? Check into your FAQ section. Don‰۪t have one? That‰۪s like not having wheels on your car. Your FAQ section could be the most crucial part of your site- that let‰۪s the average Joe look at your site, and see that you know what you‰۪re talking about. We‰۪ve come up with a list of commonly asked FAQ‰۪s, specifically for the type of photography that you‰۪re shooting at that given time. Another of our fully customizable digital download Word documents, this allows you to pick and choose which questions you do or do not want to use on your site. You‰۪ll receive it immediately after you purchase, in a direct email to the account listed when ordering.

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