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Snow Overlays


Please note: This product is compatible with Photoshop CS versions 2 through 6, Photoshop CC and Elements versions 6 through 13. These overlays are not compatible with any version of Lightroom. 

Have you been wanting to do a snow session but can't wait for that snowstorm to hit? Do you want to add a touch of Winter to your photos but don't know how? Do you want to edit creatively, but need a little inspiration?

Look no further friend, BP4U has you covered!

Snow Overlays by Jamie Dalton Photography offers 24 overlays that will allow you to add various types of snow to your photos. Want to add a creative flair to your work? These are perfect for you! Add multiple overlays to one photo to add depth and unique snow patterns...Whether you want just a few flurries or a full-on blizzard, this set is perfect for you! The creative possibilities are endless!

Not quite sure how to use overlays? We are here to help!

Here's a brief tutorial:

This product does not require installation. To use these overlays, open up the photo you wish to add snow to. Then go up to "File" and down to "Place..." Next, navigate to where you have the snow overlays saved to your computer and pick out the one you'd like to use and click place.

Your overlay will appear on your photo. It has a black box around it, but we will get rid of that in a moment. If your overlay is smaller than your photo, hold down the shift key and drag the corners so that it covers the whole picture. If you release the shift key before it is done being stretched, it will distort it. Click the check mark in the top right corner when your photo is ready to be placed (or hit "Enter" on your keyboard). Your whole photo should be covered by the black box with the snow in it.

Now, you will need to change the blending mode to get rid of the black box. Go over to your layers panel. (If you do not see this, go up to 'Window' and then go down and make sure there is a checkmark by 'Layers'. If there is not, click on it.) Your snow overlay should already be the highlighted layer, but if it is not, then click on that. Go up to your blend mode. It should currently say 'Normal'. You will need to change this to 'Screen.' This will complete your overlay placement. If there is snow somewhere where you do not want it to be, you can take a soft black brush and paint on the snow layer to remove it.



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