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Modern Posing for Senior Girls

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"For the longest time, I've been dying to offer something like this to the Photography Community. With the extraordinary help of BP4U Photography Tips & Guides, we bring you Modern Posing for Senior Girls!

ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that you could ever want to know about is inside this very guide. I've poured so much of my heart, soul & knowledge into this guide. It's my baby & I'm so eager to share this with you ALL!!! It is a must have for any Senior Photographer out there."
--Stephanie Pana

Check out the Stephanie Pana Photography page where she continues to inspire over 20,000 people daily.

We're thrilled to have worked with photographer Stephanie Pana -- one of the country's most talented teen portrait photographers -- on our Modern Posing for Senior Girls. This 150+ page guide has covered it all.

Pana details networking, casting calls, location scouting, props, editing and pricing. She also goes into the kind of detail on posing senior girls that you could only get from someone who's been doing it -- and with much success, we might add -- for years.

Pana doesn't just haphazardly slosh through the mud, either. She gets into the nitty gritty details of posing senior girls in order to bring out their personalities, make them feel beautiful and get the most flattering shots possible. You'll learn how to pose teen females sitting, standing, leaning, walking, lying and squatting. No detail is left out, either, as Pana makes sure to cover even the littlest things such as arm placement, hand positioning, leg placement and facial expressions.

Not only will you be glad you read this guide from front to cover, your clients will be ecstatic when you show them their photographs. And you know what a happy client means? More business!

Three Reasons You Need This Guide:

1. Stephanie Pana is one of the leading expert photographers when it comes to teen portraiture. Learn from the best to become the best.

2. You get mega bang for your buck. At over 150 pages chock-full of details, this is one of those guides you'll continue to learn from and refer to over the years.

3. Not only does this guide cover posing and editing, it discusses networking to garner more business, pricing schemes, location scouting and more.

Photography level: Advanced

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What's Included

A 158-page guide all about posing senior girls. This product also includes 78 posing cards so you can take these tips with you on the go! 

{Topics Covered}:

• How to efficiently and successfully find new clients/network

• How to search for the perfect session locations

• Examples and tips for your model casting calls

• How to prepare for your upcoming session and knock it out of the park

• An extensive guide on how to pose senior girls

• Tons of photograph examples to inspire your own sessions

• What to say in order to get your clients into the right position

• Instructions for hand/arm/leg/body placement

• Instructions for facial expressions

• How to make your clients feel comfortable and beautiful

• How to thoughtfully incorporate accessories and props into your sessions

• Editing with before and after examples

• BONUS! This guide also includes Stephanie's critique of real-life images on how she would have shot them and what we could have done differently to get the best results

• 11 Pages of FAQs answered in detail by Stephanie 

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