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Ultimate Wedding Workflow Email Templates


*New, Improved, and Updated Version!

You've asked for them and here they are!

Tired of spending your life wasting away answering email after email after email? I know I was! About a year ago I decided to make a change and create a workflow system for my emails after clients book their wedding with us. This system allowed me to gain seriously hours and hours of time back during the week. You already have a lot to do, why not make emails a little easier in your life. This system will allow you to set up a complete answering system to all the questions clients have and allow you to spend more time working on potential clients. #WINNING!

I give you a PDF and a word document of each email template I send out so you can easily customize them to fit your brand and your personality. You'll receive the email as well as the timeline of when and how I send the emails to the clients. Wondering, hmm "ok I have this wedding questionnaire but when do I send this to them?" No more wondering with these templates, I'll spell everything out, in an easy to understand way so you get more time to do what you love to do. Some of these emails are featured in our other guides but this is the complete shebang of how I handle all emails from A-Z after a client books their wedding with us and how I time everything out so the wedding process is that much easier for the bride.

**Please note, all BP4U guides are ebooks and will be delivered electronically!**


Here’s the email templates you’ll get:

Booking emails:

  • All about your engagement session
  • Engagement Policy
  • Engagement Scheduling
  • Thanks for booking (print credit)
  • Wedding Booking Completed
  • Questions about the big day

Follow up emails:

  • The day after email
  • Featured client
  • Feedback from client
  • Follow up on editing
  • Gallery is expiring
  • Gallery is ready
  • Gallery is reopened
  • Order sent email
  • Photo usage on social media sites
  • Print deadlines

Hard to write emails:

  • Bad check email
  • Copyright infringement
  • Discount inquiry
  • Images unavailable due to studio standards
  • Images were damaged or accidentally deleted (email 1)
  • Images were damaged or accidentally deleted (email 2)
  • Images were missed due to equipment malfunction
  • In reply to a client asking for additional edit requests
  • In reply to a client asking for unreasonable edit requests
  • In reply to a client having a re-edit request
  • In reply to a client not happy with photos
  • In reply to a client wanting a refund
  • In reply to a client wanting a refund (email 2)
  • In reply to a client wanting a reshoot
  • In reply to a client wanting a reshoot (email 2)
  • In reply to a wedding client postponing wedding date
  • In reply to the eager client
  • In reply to photos taking longer than expected
  • In reply to raised prices
  • Vendor photo usage

Networking Emails:

  • New to the area
  • Vendor networking email

Payment Emails

  • Account Notice - Payment Confirmation
  • Automatic notice - final notice
  • Automatic notice (email 2)

Post Wedding Emails:

  • How did we do
  • Information about wedding images and albums

Pre-Wedding Consult Emails:

  • Pre-event consult email
  • Pre-event consult confirmation
  • Pre-event consult reminder
  • Wedding Questionnaire
  • Wedding Questionnaire Reminder Email


  • How was your experience questionnaire
  • Let's book your engagement session
  • Thanks for booking questionnaire

Plus! Bonus email tips and templates on what to say to brides when trying to book them!

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Amex