Watermarks Made Easy! {Volume 2} – Photographer Candy

Watermarks Made Easy! {Volume 2}


Watermarks make your company look more professional and established. They also help protect your work from being stolen by photo thieves.

But, we are photographers... We're not graphic designers. So, oftentimes it is hard for us to come up with our own design and make it look good and professional. We have to spend a TON of dough to have the pro's design them for us. This is a problem, especially when you're still in the beginning stages of your company, because you don't have that kind of extra money to invest in design work.

Well, BP4U has a solution for you!

We have a brand spankin' new product that will take care of all of your watermark design woes.

These text overlays are perfect for ANY business!

Watermarks Made Easy! {Volume 2} includes 55 new designs that you can customize to say whatever you want. They not only work for your company logo, but you can also use them to add some personality to your clients' photos. We have included templates for different niches, but you can interchange any of them to be whatever you need them to be.


Open our pre-designed watermark templates. Then, customize your text and colors to create a beautiful and professional watermark. Lastly, add it to your photo and change your blending mode to your heart's desire. That's it! Easy peasy.

Need Help? 

Not sure how to use these templates? No worries! There are 3 tutorials enclosed within your purchase. They will walk you through how to customize the text and color of your watermarks, how to add them to your photos, and how to turn your watermarks into Photoshop brushes.



  • 5 Family Watermarks
  • 10 Newborn Watermarks
  • 10 Senior Watermarks
  • 10 Wedding Watermarks
  • 5 Save the Date Watermarks
  • 5 Logo Watermarks


  • 10 Sale/Promo Watermarks (to promote upcoming session sales, print/product sales, mentor sessions, etc.)
  • 10 Hand-drawn Frame Templates
  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • Amex